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A short while back I was corresponding with friends over how it was such a shame that the whole universe of Stargate was so abruptly killed off open ended when MGM started to experience money troubles. Not only was there never a satisfying end to the spin-off SGA but also SGU was left on cliff-hanger before it had even started to build up speed. SAG was supposed to get at least one feature film to properly tie up loose ends that were created in the last few episodes of season 5 and the franchise overall was to continue on in another media – an MMORPG somewhere along the lines of WoW just not quite as tacky and dull. On top of all those nice and missed opportunities it hasn’t been too long since Roland Emmerich started piping up again how he was not okay how what they did to his original idea and how he’d love a reboot from clean slate and the only thing I can think about here is the fact that that is coming from a guy who might have good ideas but is really very shit at bringing them to the big screen (“Nooo! GOD! Please – NOOOooOO!!). In fact I think it is a miracle that someone saw the original Stargate movie and thought “Hey, what an amazing movie; let’s make it into a tv series with 200+ episodes, two feature films, two spin-off, an animated series and a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game”. All the changes deviating from the original SG movie, especially when it comes to the characters, were good one, well thought through and were the reason the show was running for more than 10 years (not counting the spin-offs). What I’m trying to say please somebody stop Roland Emmerich from fucking this up.

I really don’t know why Stargate isn’t more popular among Sci Fi fans. It really seems like it’s the exact thing that die-hard space travel fiction fans would be all over. It’s like a cross between Star Trek, and Star Wars. It’s based on real world and realistic science like Star Trek (more so, actually), without being set in a fantastic future. It’s a series about high action, without being set a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. It asks big questions, like Trek, but doesn’t take itself too seriously and following Isaac Asimov’s principles about what Sci Fi should really be about. When it comes to the episodes itself one episode will deal with questioning the ethical implications of open warfare, with the very next being a literal spoof over itself, followed by a simple action/adventure story. And It’s full of deep, complex, and lovable characters. That leads to me to come back to the task at hand – while SGA never got its own feature film only this year a new comic book series was launched: Back to Pegasus. Seven years after the final episode aired in 2009 we finally get to find out about the fate of the Ancient City of Atlantis. The first three comic books are out already and will be followed shortly by another series: Gateways. 

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