Why are all dystopian novels set in the US?



Simple: A person that has spent her ENTIRE adult life in politics, lost to a soggy cheeto looking man baby that woke up one day and said “I’m bored and out of money, let me make my unsubstantial opinions heard”. Literally his entire life has been a succession of bad decisions resulting in his company going bankrupt over and over and costing the government millions in tax money over the past decade. Yet somehow this cranial bee sting victim deluded himself into being able to run a country.

Neither rape and sexual assault accusations nor his openly racist, ableist and homo-/transphobic slurs stopped him from being elected by people thriving on their privilege. A privilege that is voting for a third party or not at all when every minorities neck is on the line thinking that now that the impossible has come to pass they can just move to any other country while the same right will not be granted to those fleeing from active war zones. I hope all those people enjoy their moment of philosophical superiority while it lasts as the future of the current health care (Obama Care), the right to make choices about your own body (abortions) and who you want to spend the rest of your life with (marriage equality and the the decriminalisation of homosexualty) is at stake and that’s ultimately going to affect them as well.

How bad this election has affected the general populous of the US goes to show in the amount of new suicide prevention hotlines and people researching how to migrate to other countries, or does NASA hire right now for four year missions, or how does impeachment work, or how much does it cost to hire an assassin (or preferably two as conversion-camp-loving VP Pence, while quieter about it, is even worse). Worldwide the stock markets send shockwaves through the currencies, deflating the Euro and increasing the risk of another all out recession. That brings to my next point:

You’re not even American. Why do you even care?

First of all: Fucking fuck you!
Second of all: Come back to me when you realise that the US government has their fingers in every country’s business.

Anyway, even if we forget for a moment that the U.S is arguably one of the most influential governments in the world and what they do affects everyone, a basic sense of human empathy is what makes me someone living outside of America so angry and disgusted.

I’m worried for every person who seeks asylum from war and poverty in the US and over here in Europe but will be denied safe harbour and get send back to an almost certain death. I’m worried for every person who is going to be denied access to birth control and Plan B or an abortion and those who attempt to get one anyways and might die in the process. I’m worried for POC and everyone who’s not your stereotypical white American because the institutionalised oppression that they experience every day is not going to get any better now. I’m worried for all the LGBTQA+ people who don’t feel safe in their own homes anymore and yet again. I’m worried for victims of sexual assault knowing that their President invalidates and trivialises their experiences not only with his statements but also the fact that the charges that have been filed against him didn’t stop more than 50 million people to vote him into office regardless. I’m worried for our ailing environment and the ramifications of someone who doesn’t “believe” in man made climate change.

And that’s not all. I’m not just worried, but angry, sad, disgusted and full of resentment. This vile, ridiculous proof that you can fuck up a nation with a vocabulary of approximately 50 words and his love for nuclear weapons is a threat to billions of lives around the globe.

What’s worse is the fact that people seem genuinely shocked about the outcome. The media seems especially flabbergasted. And how dare they? They were the ones bombarding the public for more than half a year with his fascist bullshit, gave him all the free airtime until his support crowd reached critical mass.

So yeah, I’ll stop caring about American politics once America stops fucking with the rest of the world, starting wars for oil and their quest to shove “freedom and democracy” down the thoats of any random middle eastern country.

But hey, it happened. 54 million people voted for a guy with a big mouth who hates minorities, wants to imprison those who oppose or make a jokes about him, finds democracy and a state of law to be a bit of a nuisance to his megalomaniac fantasies because his and his vision alone is going to fix the country and by extension the world. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems like the only thing we’ve learnt from history is that we’ll just never learn from it.

The only positive thing that will come out of this is the fact the Alec Baldwin’s continued involvement in portraying the Donald in SNL sketches will probably earn him an Oscar in the near future.

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