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The results from the poll was pretty interesting, even though I didn’t get as many answers as I had hoped for.

As you can also see, for most of the questions, one option had definitely higher vote amount, compared to other options. And for some questions people had chosen multiple options, which also made it more interesting.

What surprised me most is the first question, “Which continent are you from originally”, and the fact that most of our readers are European, and only a small percent of them are Asians. I would’ve guessed the other way around. Another question which was about the hobbies was I think pretty funny also, because most of the people chose “scrolling on social media” as their hobby, and if we go back 10 years, the hobbies would’ve been totally different back then than what it is nowadays.

As the whole Insider team, we were pretty excited to get to know our readers better, and we are planning to have more polls in the future also. Thank you all for answering! J

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