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Slaveya Hämäläinen is a very positive person and likes to concentrate mainly on the good rather than wine about negative things. Her job is her number one priority, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything else in her life with more enthusiasm, motivation and determination. She loves her colleagues and her students as well as her working place. She goes to work happy every morning. She doesn’t like laziness and impoliteness.

How long have you known you wanted to be a teacher?
In Bulgaria unfortunately it is actually embarrassing to be a teacher. It is not appreciated in the same way as it is in Finland. I had to work other jobs to survive because the salary was nothing but even though this profession is not respected in Bulgaria, I continued. I was lucky to step into such a supportive environment here in Finland. Now I am just so happy that I can do that and I can’t picture doing anything else.

Do you prefer to start the day with coffee or are you already energized by the time you arrive at Xamk?
In the morning, I am already energized because I know that I am coming here. I don’t take coffee because I don’t need it to energize me. I actually take tea in the morning.

So you’re a morning person?
Yes, absolutely!

What do you think is the true cause of laziness?
Sometimes people just don’t believe in themselves, they think they are not good. Actually though these ones could do it better than the others if they just had motivation.

When you have holiday time, do you prefer to be active or inactive?
I like to be active. I like walking, running, fitness, anything that will make me tired. I feel I have to deserve the things I get, even a holiday. There are days when I just read too.

You say you don’t like impoliteness, what would consider most polite?
Everyday contact is nice. Even in social media, just say “How are you?” or “Have a nice day.” or “Thank you,” just these basic things.

Christmas cards, do you believe they should come back?
When I send my cards, I don’t have time to write a story or tell what has happened during the year because I think either people don’t care or maybe I just want to keep some parts of my life to myself. If I am writing to a close friend then they will already know these stories. I hand write to everyone a few words and I like to think about that person while I write it. Maybe I will end up writing the same words to most people but it is the thought of them that counts.

Would you say a world with only good and no bad would be ideal?
I’m very quick to forget the bad things. When I started here I had about 100 students for a semester and I got feedback from all of them at the end. One student left very bad feedback. So bad that I could not sleep. I went to my boss and said, “I have not slept in a week. What would you think of me, as a new worker, and already I have received bad feedback? I feel like I am the worst person in the world.” And he was so clever to tell me, “Why didn’t you think of the 100 people who said that everything is fine?” After that, I never focused on the bad things in life.

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