Swiss Army Man

Enterainment, Movie review

Starring Daniel Radcliff & Paul Dano
Directed & written by Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert

A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home. Yes, it is totally as weird as it sounds. Seeing the trailer is one thing, making it through one and a half hours of this ordeal is something else entriely. Honestly I don’t know what I expected from a movie that won at Sundance film festival.

Swiss Army Man has everything you’d expect from an independent film: great locations and terrific production design and amazing world-building due to outstanding directing. These are the positive sides of any independent movie. The downside shows it’s ugly face in the utterly wacko story. Just as you thought you understood what the movie was about it turns into another direction. Is it about the inevitablity of death and that you shouldn’t be afraid of it? Try to die without regret? Sex Ed?? Mental illness??? How introverts are all weirdos and unable to function properly?? Maybe Daniel Radcliff’s characters is a symbol for the burden you carry with you every day or that drunk friend that may have forgotten his own name but will somehow save your life by providing you with water??

I might be over-thinking this or maybe I just don’t see how deep this movie really is. It is hard to say whether it is actually taking itself serious or not at all. Was it funny? Yes, it had its moments. Daniel Radcliff gives an amazing Octodad impression and besides the fart jokes it also offered dick jokes (Also Hank Thompson? Really?). Despite being thought-provoking it seemed like the film makers lost their vision of what the movie was supposed be about as they neared the end of their story. Swiss Army Man is a movie I won’t easily forget about any time soon but it definitifly won’t become a timeless classic either.

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