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I went to a restaurant here In Kouvola called Lamykin’s Cookhouse. I first ordered food through foodora app and the delivery was fast. I ordered a beef & bacon burger, fries, sliced duck, salad and as a dessert, a cheesecake with it. The meet was well-made, and the burger patty was nicely roasted. I enjoyed the salad as well and it had a variety of salads and some vegetables. I live near the restaurant and I noticed that the fries were slightly cold, but it might be because of the distance or other issues. The cheesecake was 10/10. Tasty strawberry sauce and well-made cake! I will rate this experience and food together 7/10.

The second time I went there with a classmate. The restaurant was cozy, and we were the only customers. We decided to stay there and order food. I once again got a burger but this time a spicy one. The service was great, and the waiter was helpful. With my food, I bought fries and a glass of coca-cola. The salad table was buffet-like, and it had a variety of salads. We both enjoyed the salad. The actual meal came fast and this time everything was nice and warm. However, the burger meat was a little too dry for my taste. The rest of the food was great. This experience I would rate it 6/10.

Overall, the atmosphere of the restaurant was great, and especially liked the delivery option. Next time I will order something else than burgers.

Text and pictures by Marian Keinan