5 free apps for effective time management

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Each person needs to prioritize things and plan them, so you can see below are 5 free apps that will help you with this!


A good replacement for Evernote, especially if you hate the limited note-taking options of the popular service the most. From this point of view, OneNote is much more interesting, and its folder structure is much clearer: there are notebooks, sections, and pages. Most of all, the service resembles a digital notebook and will appeal to those who are used to keeping organizers.

The service is able to work with tags and copy the content of web pages, supports the function of handwriting, and allows you to insert photos, videos, and audio files into any of the documents.

Platforms: PC, iOS, and Android.

Price: free.


Another very simple service for lovers of minimalism. The application allows you to create tasks, assign them time, share them with colleagues and friends. The free app has ads that can be pretty annoying. Full analogue of the program without ads – Tick Tick.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

Price: free.

Google calendar

One of the simplest and most reliable schedulers, synchronizing with all the applications reviewed. If earlier in the calendar it was possible only to sort tasks by day and time, now there are more functions. For example, Google Calendar now has the ability to set goals: you set a goal, and the application itself offers you time to achieve it.

Conveniently, all events from Gmail are automatically imported – you will not forget about dinner with partners or a business trip. The only noticeable inconvenience of the calendar is that you cannot create to-do lists without reference to a specific date. The design of the calendar is also pleasing to the eye – you can add maps and pictures.

Platforms: iOS and Android, as well as all popular browsers.

Price: free.

Google keep

Perfectly complements Google Calendar – it is in it that you can make lists, handwritten notes, notes with pictures, and voice notes. The app is best for taking notes and jotting down ideas, especially when there is no time to complete a task with all the details. The main thing is not to forget to periodically look into the application and parse new entries.

Platforms: The app works in all popular browsers and is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Price: free.

Microsoft To-Do

Having bought the popular Wunderlist, Microsoft created an application that almost completely repeats the capabilities of Wunderlist. Microsoft To-Do adds several new features: a personalized task planner, color-coded lists, and suggestions to help you plan your time more efficiently.

To-Do has more flexible appearance settings than Wunderlist: there are several themes to choose from, as well as many backgrounds that users love.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.

Price: free.

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