Changes inside me after studies abroad

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Hello new year! Spring semester has already started but memories about holidays in Russia are still alive and fresh. I decided to not sit in Kouvola for the whole time, that’s why right after the last exam I’ve packed my bags. On a next day morning I was on my way to the motherland, Russia.

My hometown city is Saint Petersburg and it’s bigger than Kouvola in 63 times. For the first time, it was very strange there: too many people, too many places to go, too many cars. But, to be honest, the feeling of home didn’t come to me there anymore. I was waiting that one day I will feel like: “Ugh, finally I am home. Here are the people. Here is my life”. No, nothing like this. In Saint Petersburg I only understand the advantages of living in a big city. Every day I was hanging out with my family and friends, we were walking around the city (the most beautiful city in the world). One of my favorite amusement is watching movies in the cinema, that’s why I was going to the cinema and watching new movies every week. Actually, despite of the fact that I’ve been reading not a lot know, I’ve visited 2 bookclub meetings and enjoyed 3 hours of coffee, writers with their creations and ,of course, lovely people.

The interesting fact is that Kouvola and student life abroad have changed me a lot. Before moving back I wasn’t understanding all changes that have happen inside me. All my friends told me that I’am a kind of a new person, who they haven’t seen before. They told me that I am more patient and balanced, also my knowledge in English and Business has raised a lot.

I am really glad that I had a chance to visit my home country and meet people, who loves me and who love I. This trip make me again fully charged and now I am ready for the studies in a small town again.