Corn Flour Soup

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The recipe that I want to show you guys today is something really delicious that my mom taught me how to cook a few years back. This particular dish is very easy to cook and it doesn’t require ingredients that are hard to find, you can find these ingredients at your local supermarket or even have them at home already.


  1. 5 spoons of corn flour
  2. 1 or 2 eggs
  3. One glass of milk
  4. Chicken essence
  5. Seasoning

So what you wanna do first is boil some butter in a stew-pan and then add 5 spoons of corn flour to it. After seeing that the color of the corn flour is changed into yellowish you have to put three glasses of hot water and mix it up very fast. When the stew-pan runs out of water you have to add some boiled milk into it and then after that one or two eggs, as you wish. If the dish goes dry then you should add some more water into it and then some chicken essence or any other kind that you would like. It’s recommended to add some salt to it and pepper or other seasoning.

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