Creamy salmon soup


Moikka moikka kaikille Insider is back after a historic summer of Finland. Days of he heat have gone giving way to the season of warm soups, sweaters and fleece blankets. Do you notice that recently the salmon price in supermarkets is surprisingly lower than before with lots of discount? It means time for salmon soup!


Very simple ingredients:

          Salmon or rainbow trout

          Potato, carrot and root vegetables of your choice cut into cubes; celery, leeks, onion


          Cooking cream, butter or cooking oil

          Whole or ground allspice, salt, pepper and condiments of your choice


Let’s do it:

1.      Heat up the pot, add some oil or butter then stir the onion for aroma

2.      Pour in water and vegetables, bring to boil and simmer. Add allspice, salt and pepper to taste

3.      Add salmon and cooking cream, bring to boil again. When the soup is well cooked, chop the dill and put into the pot then turn off the stove.

4.      Garnish with some dill and chili flake. Enjoy the soup with your favorite bread!




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