Earn Money with the Pictures on Your Mobile Phone  

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Vol 26, Issue 20 

The photographic industry has come a long way during the past years with the revolution of smartphone mobile photography. Mobile phone designing companies have advanced the technologies attached to their products every year. Due to that reason, mobile cameras have become so popular in society by overcoming traditional cameras. However, have you ever thought about earning money using your mobile camera? If not, this will be a great article with some great new information. 

Nowadays there are some famous websites and mobile applications that allow people to share their photos on the internet. If anyone downloads your photos, you will get a royalty agreed by that specific website or app. Some famous websites have been mentioned below for reference. 

  • Shutterstock – Can upload photos, videos, and illustrations. Content owners will receive a commission when a customer downloads content. Link: https://www.shutterstock.com/ 
  • Adobe Stock – This is another platform for uploading pictures, videos, vectors, and illustrations. This service is interconnected with Adobe Creative Cloud Application. Link: https://stock.adobe.com/ 
  • Alamy – Alamy is famous for offering higher commissions for contributors’ content compared to other photo stock websites. Link: https://www.alamy.com/ 
  • Getty Images – This is one of the famous photo stocking websites. They have a separate licensing method to pay royalties to their contributors. Link: https://www.gettyimages.fi/ 

Apart from the above-mentioned top famous websites, there are some other sites such as Fotolia, iStock & Dreamstime. It is worth giving a try for such websites since they can generate some additional bucks simply by just uploading pictures. This will be an ideal income source for the young community since they always deal with mobile phones in this era. Therefore, the opportunity is there for you to earn some bucks. Grab it and add a value to day-to-day activities! 

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