Well hello friends,

It is so weird for me to write the editorial because I remember how I used to read when other people wrote it and now I am the one writing it. It is my first time writing it so please do not be harsh if there is something wrong LOL.

Anyway this is the last issue before we all go to autumn break so for this reason you will find here some very interesting advice on what to do during these free days without school. As always there will be the delicious recipe from our Trang Le. Spotted in the beautiful country of Slovakia: Our exchange student writing an amazing article about her time there!

A special article that comes for the first time is thought about France vs Finland from our new member of Insider Lizzy. Another article that you will never miss? The profile from our Stela and this time she decided to interview an exchange student.

In the end a unique article from Leif giving us some advice on what to eat and what not with a diet. Even though I would prefer chocolate all the time LOL.

This is it folks. I hope you enjoy this issue and see you after the autumn break with brand new articles and brand new ideas!

XOXO Marija!

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