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You have a lot of business ideas, but you do not know how to apply them, you have long wanted to participate in interesting business events, then this article is for you! Nowadays, it is gaining momentum more and more to conduct various business forums, business projects aimed at solving real problems. Ave-Liiz will talk about one of such events, the Greenfuture hackathon, she took part in it as an organizer. This activity is aimed at performing a group (team) to solve all sorts of tasks or problems in different areas of life. Mentors conduct master classes and lectures and you will learn a lot more from her article.  

I need to go to university and do my homework for the courses, and I want to see my friends, and I also need to clean the house and cook food, but also I want to play video games or go to sport gym how can I do everything? These thoughts usually have students. So, Marian in her article will give a couple of useful tips on how to do everything in time!  

In Finland, Maslenitsa will be celebrated on 17th of February. The most famous delicacy that can already be found in shops and cafes is Laskiaspulla. Ikram decided to share with us the recipe for this delicious desert.  

Have you ever had moments of doubt and uncertainty? Have you doubted your own actions? Did I do the right thing in a given situation, etc.? All these and many other questions arise during self-reflection or introspection. Vlada, will tell us in more detail what these two concepts mean, what questions you need to ask yourself when introspection, and also give some examples of questions for introspection, read all this and much more in the article. 

Marvey will present in his article the Finnish brand NUARSWIM, which specializes in swimsuits made from econil. The design of the kits combines Scandinavian minimalism and 80-90s style. 

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