Hello everyone! Spring is closer and closer, sunrise now is even after 5 p.m. (seems like we have nearly survived in winter frosts) . This week issue is full of nice articles, as always.

Ikram Bechari wrote an article about her new routine, which she has involved in her life so if you have any problems with studying online at home, her article could be very useful. The main thing is that it is never late, even in the end of the study year. Ave- Liis Koobak wrote a tiny but tasty recipe, after reading which you will now how to make crackers at home in 15 minutes! I am waiting to try cooking them. Nice crackers needs a nice movie, so Eva Morovshik wrote about Netflix TV-series The Queen’s Gambit.

Next week in Russia will be held a holiday named ”Fatherland day”. It is specific date in Russian history, more you will know about from Lidiia Benkovskaia.

If you are addicted to food (as me), article, that wrote Marian Keinan is definitely for you. She tell us about a restaurant in the centre of Kouvola called Lamykin’s Cookhouse. Restaurant is specified on meat and there are some good offers, for a detail review go to the article.

Do you know the feeling, which comes to you suddenly, when you are realizing that you have been lying on a bed for hours, work has raised in enormous amounts and you don’t understand what to do next? From Meirvelle’s side of view, the number one enemy of a productivity is multitasking. Why? He made a big research and attached a lot of arguments so read his article as fast as possible (maybe it will save your daily life)!

This issue is last before spring holidays so hope, that you will enjoy reading it! See you in March! Stay positive and wish you good holidays from the whole editorial team!