Embracing the Nordic Dream – How Finland Stole My Heart

student story

Vol 26, Issue 20, 22 March 2024

Growing up in a country with such a rich culture and history I have always been inquisitive about exploring the world beyond our borders to experience more such nations which I believe is a common dream of all youngsters. Meantime I came across a country in Europe that captivated me with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The most inviting part was that it is called the happiest country in the world which is amazing. Yes, you heard it right! With continuous searching, I came across that it was also known as the Land of Thousand Lakes. Without any further curiosity let me introduce this gem of a country Finland. While making plans to Finland for exploration I never thought that it would turn out to be my destination for higher studies.

I’m Sandun Silva a Sri Lankan currently pursuing my higher education in Finland and without further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 reasons to prove that I couldn’t have made a better choice than Finland.

Exceptional Educational System

Let me be honest, the first and foremost factor that is given the maximum consideration when choosing a country for higher studies is the quality and recognition of the education system. I am experiencing this world-class education in Finland. The country’s education policy highlights quality, efficiency, equity and internationalization with a strong emphasis on equal opportunities for all which means that every educational institute regardless of its location or funding offers the same high-quality education. Moreover, the teaching methods used in Finnish educational institutes are designed to promote critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills which are essential for success in today’s fast-paced changing world. As someone who is passionate about learning and personal growth, this was a huge draw for me. The affordable tuition fees comparatively will make so much sense as to why Finland is the best place for international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree seekers. So here I introduce one happy student to you!


When choosing a foreign destination for study safety is a major concern for students. Leaving my parents and the native surroundings of my motherland was the biggest challenge I faced this year. To be precise, I left my comfort zone to fulfil my dreams as I was confident that I was travelling to one of the safest countries in the world. With low crime rates and a strong focus on community wellbeing we can feel safe and secure in Finland no matter where we go. As an international student, it’s incredibly reassuring to know that I can walk around freely, day or night, without worrying about my protection. Sounds good right?

Meeting presidential candidates


Finland has a unique and fascinating culture. From sauna traditions to design and architecture music and food, there’s so much to discover. And are you aware of the best part? Finns are incredibly welcoming and open to sharing their culture with visitors. Whether it’s trying traditional cuisine like karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pasties) or experiencing the Midsummer festival there’s always something new to learn and appreciate. Finland also embraces multiculturalism. Students can easily adapt to the local culture and traditions and there are numerous opportunities to learn about Finnish customs and language as well.

High Quality of Life

Finland rates highly in terms of quality of life and general stability. Finland values well-being and a healthy lifestyle achieving an exceptional balance between work and personal life. Finland offers excellent healthcare and a strong welfare system making it an attractive destination for students and professionals alike. Did you know Finland has the best air and water in the world?

Peaceful beach view

Career Opportunities

Many global companies have headquarters or offices in Finland and the country is home to numerous startups and research institutions. What’s more, Finland is committed to helping international students stay and work in the country after graduation!

Recruitment fair for international talents

In conclusion, I encourage all students to consider Finland as an option for their higher education. It’s a place where you can not only gain a world-class education but also new experiences and breathtaking natural beauty, make lifelong friends and create unforgettable memories.