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According to theworldcounts.com, 2.12 Billion Tons of waste fills our planet every year on the global scale. 99% of products which we buy will turn into trash within 6 months. That is a huge number I would say. Nature Mother is dying every day because of what we throw into environment. Scientists point out that no longer we will have to move to another planet for survival. It can be possible but maybe 50 years more, for now, it is totally infeasible. We can do small things together and big impacts will happen. Let’s see. Bio-technology and eco-friendly products are invested with unlimited budgets with the hope of finding s

olutions for lives on the Earth. One thing we can do now as a normal person, who are not considered as scientists and engineers, is to bring your stuff to Treasure Exchange Week in Kouvola Campus of XAMK. It happened during the week 10 from Monday until Friday in Paja. The core value comprises of 3 words: ‘Bring, Take and Donate.’ When taking part in this event, you can give unused stuff to another person, which decreases the amount of trashes wasted into t

he environment. In the other hand, you can take anything from here to your house. That helps a lot in saving money, right. Especially, the organizers are in the cooperation with the local Vieno’s kammari’s charity work. When there remain items, they will be donated for this organization. Honestly, to me, it is not a shame at all to use a second-hand product. It depends on my personal needs and my desires to help the planet to stay away from polluting facto

rs. For more information, please contact: karoliina.peltola@xamk.fi.

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