Exchange View: Xamk Kouvola Campus

Exchange view, Features, Kouvola

Vol 26, Issue 19, 15 March 2024

Exploring the beauty of Kouvola, a nature-filled destination for an unforgettable exchange semester. Imagine yourself waking up to a picturesque view of tall forest trees covered in dream-like crystals of snow, almost as if you are immersed in a winter wonderland. Xamk, Kouvola campus is nestled within the beautiful landscapes of southeastern Finland and offers its unique and calm charm. Kouvola with its bountiful nature and trees, gives anyone who wants to get in touch with mother nature a great opportunity to fulfil this wish as they continue their studies.

At the heart of Kouvola lies South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences also known as Xamk, where innovation meets creativity and academic excellence. Xamk offers a plethora of study programs all of which can be found in detail on the website. Xamk allows hands-on learning opportunities and intercity collaborations such as the DUNNI Expo held in Lahti which allows students to meet and exchange contact details with companies for potential job offers or internships.  Kouvola attracts students from around the globe, creating an international and vibrant campus community. You can find full-time and exchange students from Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Germany, Italy, and Russia to name a few.

Although Kouvola does not offer many extracurricular activities compared to the big cities like Helsinki, the university still offers a few activities and sports to keep the students fairly entertained. Every week there is something on offer, the campus itself does not offer a gym, but students can attend evening sports activities around town free of charge. In areas like the Kuntotalo mirror hall and Kouvola-talo mirror hall, students can find tempo workouts like Hatha yoga, dance exercises, and body workout sessions.  Another exciting aspect for students visiting during the winter sports season is the possibility to borrow snowshoes from the Kouvola campus, just visit the information desk and you’re set. The snowshoes are packed in carrying bags, making it easy to transport them to your snow-fun destination.

For a more culturally rich and relaxed experience, visit some art galleries, cultural landmarks, or museums in the city. You can lose yourself in the exquisite exhibits of the Kouvola Art Museum or the Poikilo Museum that offer captivating art and history. For a lovely day cap, you pop into a cozy café such as Café Juhl Oy or Coffee House in the city center.

Whether you want to visit Lahti, Lappeenranta, or Helsinki, having Kouvola as your home base, you’ll have easy access to these bustling cities. One word of advice is to get yourself the student card by joining the student union which will allow you to have access to discounts on train journeys and even some stores around Finland. All you have to do is go to the Kaakko offices located on campus in the lobby next to the Info desk or apply for the card online. Offers also include discounted visits to Tykkimäen Sauna where you can go Ice swimming and enjoy the sauna as well as shopping discounts at companies like Lindex. Having the card as a mobile version still gets you the same benefits and is cheaper (22€ 0,5 of the academic year), however if you want a small souvenir from your exchange semester, having a plastic card is also possible but costs a little more (34€ 0,5 of the academic year). So, what are you waiting for? Join the unforgettable experience of Xamk Kouvola and make some wonderful memories and connections you won’t forget.