Finding a training place takes effort – but help is at hand

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Vol 26, Issue 18, 08 March 2024

This year sees the first of a new Talent Boost project helping put international students and employers together for practical training purposes. The Xamk Grant Pilot scheme is being run for the first time, and there have been several employers that have signed up to participate.

The scheme is simple, employers that wish to participate, offer a paid training place for an international student. Students apply for the position according to the employer’s application procedure. Students then go through the selection process and one is finally chosen to start the training. The employer will then pay the student a training salary. At the end of the training, the employer can then apply for the Xamk Grant to recover the salary.

The first of these applications are now being dealt with, and one in particular was carried out at our City Campus, Kohoa, in Kouvola, on Monday 4th of March. Students were to pitch their “story”, competing against each other for a chance to go through to the next round of the selection process. To begin with, students were introduced to their task by Worklife Path Project Manager, Riku Happonen. The event began in a relaxed manner, with coffee and teas for all participants, just to get everyone relaxed and talking.

Sanna Tukiainen takes students through some pitching pointers.

The next step was a workshop with Recruitment & Research Consultant for Eezy Personnel, Sanna Tukiainen. Sanna took the students through a workshop of what makes the perfect “pitch” for a potential employer. Students had the chance to perform practice pitches, gain valuable feedback, and fine tune them before they were to take the stage themselves.

Five students were successful in their pitches and will now go through to the next stage of the process that will happen Monday 11th of March. This will take place at the company premises – Kouvola Liquorice. Students will be in for a treat – literally – as it will most likely be the first interview they will have that they cannot prepare for. The idea will be to find an applicant that shows motivation, creativity, and independence. In the meantime, students have a small research task to complete as an example of the kind of work they would be doing if they are chosen for the position.

The companies that are participating to this year’s project in addition to Kouvola Liquorice, are Yogelina, Patteri ES, Research Centre Digitalia, South Savo ELY Centre, Medialouhos, and Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce. It will be interesting to see how this project works out, and hopefully more employers will take note of the potential of international students for training positions.

To find out more about Xamk’s Grant Pilot click here.