Finnish Dishes during Winter Season

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Winter is a beautiful seasonal change in Finland. The snowy surroundings, cold breeze, frozen lakes, and falls are signature changes in the environment. The day will be shorter, and the night will be longer. More importantly, it is the season of festivals. There are major celebrations in Finland during the Winter season. Christmas, St Lucia Day, Independence Day, The New Year, and the Epiphany take prominent spots during the season. When the holidays are remarked, the next in mind is the celebrations. During the Winter season, friends and families get together to celebrate the holidays filled with happiness. Thus, celebrations with healthy food are a necessity. As the winter is a cold season throughout the four months, it is important that everyone takes a healthy diet to survive the cold season. On the other hand, it is important to eat a balanced diet that improves the immune system of the body. During the season, it has been reported that many children and adults are prone to various sicknesses with wintry weather conditions. It is healthy food habits that can make everyone stronger to face the season. The season is full of warm dishes that are unique to the Finnish culture. 

During the Winter period to keep the body temperature warm, proteins take a prominent spot in the diet. Fresh fish and meat items are given top priority on the list. Meat items that help to keep the balance of body temperature such as Reindeer, Pork, and Beef are staples in some parts of the country. They help to build the fatty layer to resist freezing weather conditions. Riisipuuro is a traditional dish that is widely prepared during the Winter season as a warmup sweet dish which is made of Rice and milk with a bit of cinnamon added. Kalakukko is another traditional Finnish dish during the Christmas season. This is a fish pie prepared with beef, pork, and fresh fish with a wry pie crust. 

Karjalanpaisti is one of the National dishes in Finland that is widely consumed during the Winter season. Proteins like lamb, beef, and pork are prepared as a fresh stew with onions, and lots of spices in wood ovens. This is a warm hearty dish served in Winter. The Finnish delicacies in Winter are not only a celebration but also aid in improving the immunity of the body. These dishes are of balanced diets that help to resist the adverse weather conditions during the period.