How to manage school and friends


Managing school and friends can be challenging, especially during the semester when you have a lot of schoolwork to do and free time is limited. Also, you have to remember to take care of yourself if you live alone. Making meals and taking care of your house or room takes time. There are only 24 hours in a day which sleep should take about 9 hours of it. A lot of students find themselves asking how they can manage to see their friends during busy times. Well, here are few tips on to fix that.

Firstly, try to always do your homework immediately after you got them. This way you will leave more time to see your friends, for example, a full free weekend instead of working on your homework. Secondly, buy a calendar or notebook where you organize each day of yours. Note down days and hours you are going to spend doing each task. Separate school time and free time. This way if you forget about something, you can just check your notes or calendar. Try to stick to this plan if you want it to be successful. Additionally, do not take too much stress from school. As long as you read the class material, do homework and follow the professor, you will get good grades. If your friends are students as well, they will understand.

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