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To all of us, languages are used when every minute passes by. We use them to communicate with other people, express our feelings and share our ideas and knowledge. Languages was born since the existence of human being on this planet. However, there are some of them have died during centuries because of the perdition or disappearance of those people. Languages represent the culture, belief, rituals and behaviours of a nation or a group of people in form of spoken language – dialect or written words. 

Let’s have a look at 5 facts about languages that will amaze you

 Fact 01:
Generally, the estimated number of existing languages are approximately 7,000 worldwide.

Fact 02:
It is shocking to hear that about 2,400 of them are on the verge of extinction. Namely, UNESCO publishes a Alas of endangered languages on its website, some of which are Oneida (New York), Tuscarora, Bung, Tuzantec, Iduh (Viet Nam), Karaim (Western Ukraine), Munichi and etc.

Fact 03:
The most widely spoken languages according to the total number of people who speak them are:English – 1.121 billion speakers in totalChinese – 1.107 billionHindi – 534.2 millionSpanish – 512.9 millionFrench – 284.9 million

Fact 04:
Languages are making influences on each other. China placed effects on its surrounding countries such as Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. That is the reason why they are words with same characters and pronunciations that you can use in those languages. Additionally, Spanish, Italian and French share some similarities.

Fact 05:
You can be smarter when exposing to a language besides mother tongue. Scientifically speaking, it helps to boost brainpower, train your mental and slow down the aging process of the mind. So why do you still hesitate to start learning a new language?
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