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When I was younger, seeing someone holding a DSRL is like seeing a wizard with his magic stick. Just the sound of a click and reality became illusion. Eh, maybe that’s a bit too much but you get it ei? If not then let’s just say a DSLR was kinda cool to a youngster who viewed things straight as a line rather than constantly changing his perspective like me.

Captivating as taking photos may, I spent my whole high school time dancing and performing on stage so I cared more about whether people were shooting featuring me looking awesome or not. It sure sounds like most idiotic juvenile would do right? That is, until one day I went out for coffee with a close friend of mine then we wandered around the city with him carrying around a film camera rather than his usual DSLR. I did not know it at first as he just kept taking photos of random things. I asked to see his pictures but he said it was impossible and that I would have to wait until he returned from a dark room. A dark room? Was that I night club or something I thought. He then clarified what a dark room actually was and turned out it’s some sort of photography lab for people to work with photographic films. The conversation followed by me listening to his rambling harangue about camera, photoshoot, editing and stuff which I found to be pretty interesting, thus triggered my curiosity.

I asked him to teach me use a film camera yet he insisted me on learning how to take proper photos with a DSLR first since a film picture cannot be easily edited as a digital one. I did not think I would actually attach myself with this whole photography thingy for long since I just wanna learn it for fun so I borrowed his instead of getting a camera for myself. He showed me all the fundamentals and as time passed by, I was pretty much in to it. I decided to purchase my own camera but instead of a DSLR, I bought a Fujifilm mirrorless for I am not a static knucklehead. My presence at one place never lasts more than a few hours. Mirrorless is smaller, cheaper and lighter hence making it much easier to carry around. I still choose to use a mirrorless to this day now that wandering around shooting random small stuff is so convenient. With the already compelling magic of photography, my mind is always fixating on taking photograph and reviewing what I have taken that I managed to hit my head on a streetlight in Luxembourg before an old couple turned around and grinned at me along with a friend who was already laughing out loud next to where I hit my head.


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