It is a Monday evening and school just finished. The professors gave a lot of homework but instead of doing them, we try to avoid them by doing other nonimportant tasks. We put important tasks to the side for many reasons. It can be anxiety the tasks give you and lack of motivation. This process is called procrastinating. It is the avoidance of important tasks. Procrastination should not be mixed with being lazy because this is not the case. Procrastination still involves active tasks such as cleaning and whereas being lazy is stagnant and inactive. Students often procrastinate the most because most of them have telephones, computers, or other hobbies that take away the attention from studying. An excessive amount of procrastination can lead to serious consequences such as depression from piling homework and it can even lead to being kick out of school or work. The question is that how can we overcome procrastination.

Tips on how to not procrastinate

The first step is to recognize the issue. Oftentimes people do not realize that procrastination is affecting their goals until at the last minute. Recognizing the issue enables us to work towards prioritizing our goals. The second step is to make a to-do list where you put your priorities in order. First on the list are the most important tasks such as school or work. The list needs to be followed daily and it requires resilience. It can help if you divide the tasks for each day so they do not pile up. Additionally, putting electronic devices out of your reach can help. Also studying with your friends can help because most people procrastinate at some point and it can help if you have peer pressure.

Procrastination can become a habit and habits are difficult to break. Give enough time to see results and remember to reward yourself when you have completed an important task. This will keep you motived.

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