• Where are you from?

I’m come from Italy. I was born in a small town in northern Italy called Udine, where about 100,000 inhabitants live, but I live in a 9,000 village called Tarcento.

  • What do you study?

In Italy I also study design at ISIA Roma Design in Pordenone. I’m in the third and final year and I hope to be able to give here all the credits needed to graduate in July. At Xamk, I will be studying Graphic and Architecture Design. 

  • How many countries have you visited?

Luckily, I visited a lot of places because my whole family likes to travel. I have been in England, Scotland, Ireland, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Austria. And now I am in Finland!

  • Why did you choose Finland for Erasmus?

I chose Finland because since I was a child I’ve always liked the Nordic countries and after embarking on the design path I started to love Scandinavian design and the clean and minimal lines typical of these places. So when I learned that there would be a chance to spend time here and learn new things, I did not hesitate.

  • What do you like about Finland?

I love the great organization that exists here, especially in the university. The landscapes enchant me … magical!

And I also love all the Erasmus students who welcomed me with open arms organizing incredible parties in the apartments.

  • What are your new year resolutions?

No, I have not yet, but I hope this experience clear my min.