StartUp Passion KickOff Training Program 04/2018


Do y’all realize that this week our campus is a little bit fuller than last week? Yes, it’s because we who had been in StartUp Passion Hackathon in Tartu, Estonia have just come back!

It was a truly awesome experience in my opinion, more about what happened in Tartu you can read from Stela’s article. The next event is KickOff which is going to be held in Riga, Latvia. This three-day session will help to boost your idea to the next level by elevating your business skills like business modeling, storytelling and offering a lot more I-don’t-want-to-spoil-you-now tools. By the end of the training, provided that you take this chance seriously, you will probably really begin to get your idea actualized with your team.
Remember that it is absolutely okay if you haven’t got a team yet, or even an idea. If you already got a team, great. No team? Apply yourself as an individual and recruit your team members at Riga or you can then become a part of some other teams!

Here are some highlights for you to wrap up the whole thing:
– Deadline for the application: 02/04/2018
– Duration: 10-13/04/2018 in Riga, Latvia
– Accommodation and transportation are covered

For more details of the StartUp Passion program please visit

Apply and bring on your enthusiasm!!!


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