Studies & free time balance

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How to strike a balance between studies and free-time?

Being a student doesn’t always allow you to enjoy the weekends or nights out. Having assignments and essays to submit and exams to prepare leaves just a small amount to meet friends and family and to have time for ourselves.
So, how can we manage our time? Being stressed and tired is not beneficial for our mental and physical health. Thus, it’s highly recommended to enjoy the free-time and let all the stress sources away.

Prepare a planning
The best way to manage the free-time is, without doubt, planning. To make a good planner, you can start by asking yourself: What will I do after the courses? For how long? Where? However, to avoid thinking about this for hours, you have to think precisely about it. In other words, you can split your free-time planning into two parts: Evening plans (after courses) and week-ends plans.
Keeping a schedule will give more satisfaction when you have completed a task.
Try to prioritize what you like the most over the things that may be boring for you in your free time. With this kind of planning, you will be much more productive because of the time saved in organizing your tasks. Furthermore, ask around about the organized activities in your town or university.

Think about doing some sport and moving your body in your free time. Also, being with good company will make this more fun. So, think about inviting your friends, family members, or whoever to join you.
Moreover, a good tip is to turn off your alarm at the weekends because you deserve some extra sleeping. You can start your days at 9 or 10 am as a maximum.
Don’t hesitate to make your own schedule on your phone, computer, or even on your calendar! 
Finally, sticking to your plans is the most crucial thing about free time management.