Sugar & Health

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Nowadays many people cannot imagine their life without sugar. Is it helpful to limit the amount of it? This would be useful not only for the body shape, but also for the whole organism. However, a complete rejection of the product is undesirable. There are now many sweetener substitutes that have the same effect on the body but are more beneficial.

A little bit about sugar

Sugar is found in many products. If the dose of sweet is obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables, then this does not harm the body in any way. However, the danger is posed by refined sugar, which is consumed in large quantities.

With prolonged and high consumption of sugar, dependence is developed, just as almost all diets involve the exclusion of sugary foods from your ration, as they increase the appetite.

Reasons for limiting sugar.


Blood pressure rises and the level of “good” cholesterol in the blood decreases. This affects the work of the cardiovascular system, a person is susceptible to diseases, attacks, heart attacks.

There is a risk of developing diabetes. Sugar affects cognitive abilities (thinking, reasoning, computing, orientation in space, etc.).

It is not true that if excluding the sweets will improve your mood and help fight depression. This effect quickly disappears, the body feels tired, stress returns with greater force.

Weight loss

Sweets increase appetite. They satisfy hunger for a short time, after which it returns. If you cut back on sweets, your body needs less food, which leads to weight loss.

Young and clear skin

Girls know that eating too many sweets provokes skin problems: inflammation, acne, increased fat content, etc. Avoiding or reducing the dosage of sweets will improve the skin condition.

The substances contained in sugar destroy the elastin and collagen fibres, which are responsible for the cleanliness and smoothness of the skin. The exclusion of sweets will not give a second youth but will slow down the aging process.


Sugar prevents a person from concentrating on mental performance. Many people take breaks between workloads (exam preparation, paperwork) to eat something sweet.


Sleep quality is impaired by eating too many sweets. If you give up sugar, the body will work better and relax, which will lead to sound and healthy sleep.

Why sugar cannot be eliminated.

Experts do not recommend excluding all sugary foods, as this is fraught with deterioration in the body. It is worth gradually changing the diet. If you abruptly abandon any product, there will be more harm than good. Health problems do not immediately make themselves felt. The risk of developing arthritis, thrombosis, liver, and spleen diseases increases.

In small amounts, sweets contribute to the production of the hormone of joy. Excessive consumption and the complete absence of sweets harm a person’s mood. Finding the middle is important to get the most out of it.

Where is the “good” sugar found?

1) Almost all fruits and juices.

2) Vegetables (beets, bell peppers and chili peppers, corn, cauliflower, onions).

3) Dairy products

4) Dried fruits, candied fruits

5) Marshmallows (the lowest calorie sweetness) etc.

Of course, it is up to everyone to limit the amount of sugar in their ration or not, but if you are worried about your health, then this will help improve it and to keep healthy.