The Clash for Glory – Springboks Vs All Blacks

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This weekend, 28 October 2023 the world is waiting to witness one of the thrilling sports events which is Rugby World Cup 2023 finals. The defending champions South Africa known as Springboks will face New Zealand All Blacks in the finals. The game is much important since both Springboks and All Blacks are aiming to win their fourth rugby world cup in order to rewrite the history.

At the beginning of the world cup campaign France was leading as the favorites to win the title according to the predictions of experts. France had their home ground advantage throughout the campaign until they faced Springboks in quarter finals with a shocking defeat while the scoreboard ended with a score of 29-28 in favour of Springboks. However, in group stage France had a thrilling game against All Blacks and gave them a dreadful defeat by beating them 27-13.

When looking at All Blacks’ 2023 world cup campaign, they had a marvelous journey except the taste of defeat against France. All Blacks were able to win by big margins in the rugby world cup 2023 until they had to face a tough game with Ireland in the quarter finals which gave a nail-biting game for both Irish & All Blacks spectators. The game ended heartbreaking for the Irish team as the All Blacks turned the score board by 28-24 with their win.

Springboks kicked off their season with a massive win against Scotland and continued their winning streak until they met Ireland in the same group stage. Ireland won the match 13-8 by letting some space for Springboks to rethink about their strategies and game plan.  While Ireland was ending their 2023 world cup journey in quarterfinals, Springboks got qualified to the finals by defeating France 29-8 in quarterfinals & defeating England 16-15 in semifinals.

However, while Argentina face England for the fight of bronze medal on October 27th, the whole world is eyeing on who will be the title decider this weekend.  Nevertheless, Springboks never had a defeat in the history of rugby world cup finals and All Blacks have lost one world cup final during their campaigns which was in 1995 and the Springboks crowned as champions.

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