The New Era of Student Identification

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Vol 26, Issue 19

You might own a student ID card as a university or upper-secondary student in Finland. Traditionally it can be a printed card that students can use to prove their identity. However, with the revolution of the IT industry, Finland has launched a new electronic student identification method called the ‘Frank App’.

This app was launched in August 2016 with various student benefits for local and international students. All the necessary information of the student will be automatically updated via the student registry or the Studyinfo service to create the digital student card. Frank app provides attractive student discounts and offers compared to traditional student IDs. According to Frank’s sources, they have grown their number of users to over 140,000 by the end of February 2024. The most interesting fact is that the app is free of charge to use. That’s the main reason for the massive popularity of Frank App within Finland. The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices easily.

As an example, the app offers special discounts for bus/train tickets as well as electricity bills of KSS Energia. You can also send your requests for what kind of offers or benefits you would like to have through the Frank App. You can get discounts and offers for Food & Beverages, Electronics, Health & Wellbeing, Grocery stores, Clothes, Travelling and many more. Some of the recent offers are mentioned below.

The app is available for Upper Secondary School, University, and University of Applied Sciences students. However, the app still does not provide its service to Open University Students. Overall, this app can be considered a valuable deal for students in Finland. 

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