Sri Lankan Universities – Student Story


Volume 26, Issue 24

It is a dream for most of the youngsters to obtain a bachelor’s degree after their high school studies. As a student, I also had the same goal since my childhood. By following my goal, I successfully entered one of the prestigious universities in Sri Lanka, the University of Kelaniya, after completing my Advanced Level Examination with flying colors. In Sri Lanka, there is a big competition for higher studies since the available universities are limited compared to the number of high school graduates. Therefore, getting selected to a state university can be considered one of the greatest achievements in life. 

When looking at the facilities of the university, students have 24-hour free access to the university premises. There’s a free WIFI facility as well as an adequate amount of computer labs that can be used for studies at any time. Also, students can get discounted foods and beverages through cafeterias. Simply, there’s nothing wrong with the facilities since the government has a big focus and attention regarding the conditions and facilities of state universities. 

The studies contained lots of exams, assignments, and projects for a tight four-year period. The duration depends based on the degree type whether it’s a general degree or a special degree. The support of professors and lecturers is exceptional regarding both studies-related and non-related matters. Each state university has a separate job bank to support students in finding their training places as well as permanent job opportunities after their graduation. Apart from the studies, undergraduates can join with lots of extra-curricular activities such as sports, clubs & societies. Sri Lankan University Games (SLUG) is one of the most popular inter-university sports feasts which will take place once every four years. Lions clubs and Rotaract clubs are also famous among students for engaging in social and community work. 

State university convocations are at another level in Sri Lanka. Usually, they have massive graduation ceremonies to offer degrees. The ceremonies take place once every year. Therefore, every student aims to get their degree during that convocation at a high frequency of cheering. 

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