Thrift Stores and Minimalism

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Minimalism is a concept that is identified by simplicity as a function of highlighting the essentials. In simple terms, minimalism explains the idea of “Less is more”, where it removes the excess and unnecessary expenses in the lifestyle. Finland as a country respects the concept of minimalism and it is one of the best models in the world for basic survival. Secondhand shops or thrift stores reflect minimalism. These are kinds of charity shops established as retail stores by private and government sectors in serving used items at a fair or rather a discounted price. The items in thrift stores are donated by a wealthy crowd of society as a helping hand for the people who need them. These shops are very popular in Finland among the residents, international students, and tourists for various factors like economic, social, and financial concerns.

The thrift stores operate as non-profit or charitable organizations hence the income generated at the sale is contributed to the betterment of charitable initiatives. More importantly, these stores serve the community and the environment positively. Re-using items repeatedly reduces the damage to the environment and it promotes the simplicity of a nation. There are prominent characteristics of thrift stores. The items from thrift stores are mainly donated by merchandise and wealthy individuals at an affordable price. The items may be gently used at home or at times brand new from merchandise.  The variety of the products may range from winter jackets, clothes, shoes, boots, books, ornaments, toys, kitchen appliances, kids wear, and many more. These stores contain items serving every occasion in every age category. Therefore, customers from different buying patterns have access to choose items suitable for their budgets at a much lower cost than buying brand new. It is said that thrift stores share an experience of treasure hunting as the customers get access to hidden, rare, and unique items that exemplify the shopping experience. Another main feature of thrift stores is the search for seasonal items. The customers will be able to find every seasonal item in the stores, may it be Christmas, easter, or any other themed decorations. As the stock of these thrift stores changes considerably and continuously, the stores are exposed to new arrivals. Hence the customers get to experience the real shopping exposure at these stores.

Finland is a country full of international students, who have access to work at thrift stores voluntarily to serve the community. This opens the doors to students for community engagement and involvement by collaborating with charitable events. Besides, thrift or second-hand shops foster intercultural relationships through an open and friendly atmosphere by promoting the concept of minimalism.