Zelenogradsk- resort town and city of cats.


Zelenogradsk is located in the Kaliningrad region. Until 1946 it was called Cranz (Kranz – in Prussian “steep coast”), one of the popular resorts in Kaliningrad.

However, in recent years, its popularity is more associated not with the sea and historical monuments, but with its cats. For some time now, this animal, beloved all over the world, has become a symbol of the city. Cats in the city can be found everywhere on the walls of houses, in souvenir shops, in the form of sculptures, there is even a cat’s traffic light in the city. And, of course, the city has its own museum “Murrarium” dedicated to these popular animals, a monument to the Zelenograd cats has been erected, there is even a holiday “Birthday of the Zelenograd cat”, and the position of a cat-chef has been introduced – it was taken by a 55-year-old resident, whose duties – feed city cats in a local park.

The history of Zelenogradsk is really interesting, and not at all because of the cats: in its vicinity archaeologists discovered Prussian settlements and defensive ramparts of the early Middle Ages, and a large archaeological complex of Viking times is located three kilometres from the town. Until the end of the 13th century, Prussian fishermen lived here, and then (in 1282) a Prussian-German settlement arose on the site of modern Zelenogradsk, whose inhabitants served the road leading from Königsberg to Klaipeda. Until the end of the last century, Zelenogradsk was a federal health resort.

The water tower built in 1905 is one of the symbols of the city. In Zelenogradsk, cats have always been treated with respect. During the Soviet period of the development of the resort town, where hotels and inns are still the most part, there were canteens, cafes, the ability for cats to access food in landfills, served to further growth.

At the initiative of the residents of the resort town of Zelenogradsk, houses for animals, equipped with warm blankets and feeding troughs, were recently installed. Anyone can bring food for cats, as well admire the play of little kittens. Vending machines were also installed where you can buy food for cats.

I really liked this cozy town, the embankment, the streets, the still warm sea and of course its fluffy inhabitants. Walking around the city, you realize that Zelenogradsk is the real capital of cats, which, like a cat, unceremoniously burst into every corner of the city space!

I strongly advise you to visit this small but purringly cozy city!