4 in 1 country night


On the evening of the 21st March, four Erasmus students invited us to a very special journey, the 4 in 1 country night. As you may have already read some articles about different country nights that happened in the past, but this one was completely different. Not one specific country was promoted, but 4!
The Girls that promoted the night took us with them on a special journey to Russia, Czech Republic, Nigeria and South Korea.
As usual, the night started with a presentation. But instead of one we heard 4 amazing presentations with a lot of insights in the specific countries. For example, learned we that in South Korea the age system is different to the one we know in the western world. In fact, you are born with 1 year of age already!
Lizzy, our Insider team member who also participated in this night, welcomed us in her home country Nigeria. She taught us a lot about the different tribes in Nigeria and told us a funny story in the Nigerian language.
Then the journey followed his next destination and we landed in Russia. We were introduced to the Russian alphabet and also a little bit into the specialties of the country. We learned for example that two of the most famous games in the world come from Russia. Can you guess which ones? In fact, I would have never guessed them by myself. It´s Tetris and Escape Game. Impressive, is it?
After spending time outside of the EU we didn´t wasted a moment and traveled directly into the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. We got some nice insights about the culture itself, the beautiful landscape and the food. Then it was time to eat! The girls served us from South Korea some delicious Seafood Pancakes called Haemul Pajeon as well as Korean style Blackbean noodle with the name Jajangmyeon. From the Czech Republic we tasted some traditional potato salad with pickles, onions, bell peppers and mayonnaise and Schnitzel. Lizzy brought as one of the most spiciest chicken wings from Nigeria but to make things up again she baked us some bananas called plantains.
To round things up we ate for dessert Blinis, Russian crepes topped with condense milk. Delicious!

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