6 Things to never DO IN A RUSH

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Finally, we are in December. The month when families gather together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the present. Who doesn’t love Christmas? Can’t find no one. Before we go to winter break, I have something on my mind that I would like to share with you. As the title suggests, my topic for this week is 6 things to never do in a rush.

Have you ever wondered where the rush comes from?

Have you ever heard that different cultures value time differently?

Hurry is often a cultural thing by this I mean that people all over the world are not in a hurry in the same way. You’ve probably heard of siesta (a nap) which has its roots in Spanish culture. Siesta is especially common in the middle of the day, especially in a country with a warm climate zone, and is usually a rest period after lunch. During siesta which is usually 13-16, shops and restaurants are closed, schools have extended food break. Practically the whole country goes to rest for a moment. Here I exaggerated a little, but you understood the idea. People are in no hurry, while in another cultures e.g. in Asian culture, the situation is quite the opposite.

Environmental requirements and fulfilling responsibilities significantly increase people’s sense of rush. Rush can arise from external issues in an environment where competition is fierce. Does quality suffer? I find it impossible to maintain quality if there is a constant rush to accomplish whatever you need to accomplish. Is there any medicine or cure for this? Yes, scheduling my friend.

But hurry is also a relative concept. What is urgent for one, may not be urgent for another.

Rush arises from the foolish practices of everyday life, and the way we do things. The hurry comes from inefficient use of time, you do not plan days, weeks or months in advance. And you wonder why you are grayed out? Rush produces unnecessary stress. Postponing things for later is the worst thing you can do for yourself. I have to admit here, that I myself
tumble down to do this. In the morning, the alarm clock is postponed with a snooze. Does this help me? it rings again in five minutes. I am as tired as I was five minute ago. I call it the human mind.

Only fools rush in -wise men- – Aristotle Quotes

The rush may be due to a lack of direction. However, the rush is often caused by fundamentally internal reasons, which can include different fears, tenacious beliefs, and stuck attitudes.

According to some experts, a busy person is no longer considered as important as before. Still, a large percentage of people feel busy.

Well, here’s my list

6 things to never do in a rush.

  1. Fall in Love.
  2. Make big decisions.
  3. Give away your trust.
  4. Eat your food.
  5. Judge someone’s character.
  6. Think you know someone.

What you think about my 6 things to never do in a rush? Leave a comment below.

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