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Vol 26, Issue 16, 09 February 2024

The weather seems to return to the cold again, and I hope you are well prepared.

With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, we invited several Chinese students who are currently studying at Xamk to introduce us about Chinese culture and life in Chinese universities.

In this regard, I hope to learn more about China from Xamk’s local or international students and increase the possibility of students going to China for exchange studies.

At the same time, it will also be an excellent warm-up process for teachers about to go to China for some of our projects.

We also prepared some Chinese snacks, traditional Chinese card games, and a fun quiz about Chinese culture.

If you are interested in this event, you are welcome to come.

From below you can find the schedule of events:

Xamk Kouvola campus, room 357

Chinese students share their knowledge and experiences on these topics

  1. Chinese culture (lunar new year) 
  2. Chinese university life  
  3. How to adapt to the life in Finland 
  4. What has studying in Finland felt like you so far? 
  5. Advantages (and possible disadvantages) of studying in Finland and at Xamk 
  6. How Xamk could further improve our services for international students? 


Chinese Snack Tasting and Fun Questions and Answers 

Martin Chen
Education Export Assistant(China, Partnership, Summer/winter school and Edutravel)
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences