Visit to Kouvola Liquorice (Kouvolan Lakritsi)

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Vol. 26, Issue 16, 09 February 2024
As a part of the Digital International Business degree at XAMK Kouvola, students visited the famous Kouvolan Lakritsi (Kouvolan Licorice Oy) on 01st February 2024. The day began at 10.00 am in the shop area of the company and the students were browsing through the products of the company. After that, all the students were taken on a brief tour around the production facility and eventually gathered at the auditorium for a presentation conducted by the owner, Mr. Timo Nisula.
Kouvola Lakritsi has been making its products with an uncompromising approach since 1906. The company has taken pride in making Licorice in the same way since 1945. In 1960 the recipe was subtly adjusted by an English consultant and a Licorice specialist H. Knoch.

In the spring of 2008, Mr. Timo Nisula bought the Licorice Factory together with Mikko Vilenius, and in 2014 Mr. Nisula became the sole owner of Kouvolan Lakritsi. Kouvola Licorice takes pride in exporting its products to countries around the world including Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Canada among others.
The company has taken many steps towards sustainability such as offsetting its carbon emissions, committing towards social commitments, following a climate-friendly transportation option as well as opting out to use solar panels in the production plant. The company also takes pride in winning numerous awards and recognitions throughout the years.

The owner of the company, Mr. Timo Nisula pointed out the importance of having the right mindset not only in business but in life in general. His way of thinking and dealing with challenges and obstacles while having the ability to see obstacles as opportunities was a clear showcase of how the right mindset of a person can affect his entrepreneurial endeavors.

After an interesting presentation and an informative discussion, the visit to Kouvolan Lakritsi surpassed all expectations of the students. Mr. Nisula’s take on competition, Resilience, Business tactics and the importance of setting higher goals was both inspiring and refreshing as developing our mindset is crucial not only in terms of becoming a better leader and an entrepreneur but also in terms of becoming a better version of ourselves as a person.

One thing most successful people have in common is that they all have the right mindset. Your mindset is the most powerful tool and the Visit to Kouvolan Lakritsi helped all the attendees to realize its importance to achieve their goals in life.