After the Holiday


Welcome back to the school. This holiday, we have been struggling with the news on media. We just received an e-mail from the school concerning the coronavirus epidemic. Everyone should read it and follow the instructions and make sure everyone is healthy. Let’s hope there is a vaccine for that soon and we are done with it. 

Anyways, the week before the holiday, a Maltese man walked on these lands, Luke Vella. He visited our school to see what is going on in this side of the world about education and I had the chance to have an interview with him. Quick tip, the ones that like warm weather, you have a chance to go to Malta and swim in the Mediterranean on January. I have done it myself and it is not even a rare thing in there. Also, you could swim in the midnight every night and people wouldn’t be staring at you. Warning, the sea is a bit salty, be careful. 

Anna was in Sweden for a while on this holiday. She is going to let us know about Stockholm, One More Time! Stockholm syndrome is actually a real thing and it is important. When people see something happen, they do not react because they think someone else will call the police or ambulance or give any kind of reaction, so they do nothing. Don’t get Stockholm syndrome. 

Joonatan has given us insights about  a space game called Starsector. I have never played it and probably not going to but the review is positive, so if you are interested in space things, you should give it a look.  

The Peanut Butter Falcon, with a weird name, is somehow a good movie obviously, and Prakhar is going to tell us all about it. He loves to go to see the movies in the movie theater. He actually works very hard to write all these good reviews so he doesn’t lose his spot on writing the movie reviews. Press F to pay your Respect. 

The lessons are getting somehow more and more tough. Try to focus on your studies for this last 2 months of the semester and get all these good grades. Good luck to all 

Muhammet Cakiroglu