Autumn – Season of ‘ruska’


Before the streets turn white, filled with snow during winter, they are covered with red-, orange-, yellow- and purple-coloured leaves during autumn. Autumn is the season of change in Finland – days start getting shorter and the temperature gets colder. Transformation is first seen far north in Laapland and the southern parts of the country follow suit. The Finnish autumn generally starts early September and lasts till late October or early November. This period is often regarded as one of the most enchanting seasons as the country’s natural beauty reaches its peak.

fallen leaves during autumn

Things to do during Autumn.

See Northern Lights – with clear skies at night, autumn is the best time to see the aurora borealis or northern lights. The top place to view northern lights is Laapland. However, it can be seen from other areas of Finland too. Aurora app can be used to be notified for when northern lights are visible in your region.

Northern Lights from Kouvola

Hiking and Nature Walks – Finland has an extensive network of hiking trails and more than forty national parks to be used for outdoor exploration. Cycling is also an option with bicycles lanes present throughout the country.

Cycling route

Mushroom and Berry Picking – Autumn is the prime time for foraging in Finland. Visitors and locals head to the forests to gather edible mushrooms and berries, thanks to Everyman’s Right law. While in the forest you can also experience ‘ruska’, the vibrant changing colours of leaves.

Friend clicking pictures of mushrooms

Cultural Celebrations – Halloween, Thanksgiving and All Saints’ Day are all celebrated during autumn. While Halloween and Thanksgiving mostly celebrated by foreigners and tourists, All Saints’ Day is celebrated by Finns. On the first Saturday of November, locals visit cemeteries to light candles and remember loved ones.

Autumn in Finland is a magical time that captivates all senses. It has something to offer for everyone – nature lover, food enthusiast, adventure lover or someone looking for a peaceful getaway. From mystical auroras to outdoor activities to cultural celebrations, something will develop your interest to visit this Nordic Wonderland during autumn!