Benefits of plants and plant-care


Plants are a great way to enhance the appearance of your house. They also lower the levels of anxiety, make you feel relaxed, increase productivity, improve creativity and the list goes on. There are not many excuses to not have at least one plant in your home. Plant care is simple and affordable. Many stores sell great plants for a discounted price or you can ask your friends if they have cuttings for you to propagate. Pots can be found in thrift stores for a very low price. Soil and fertilisers are sold more affordably in plant nurseries.

It can be difficult to distinguish which plants are easy to take care of but for example spider plant, pothos, barrel head cactus, and peace lily are difficult to kill as long as you remember to water them once a week and give them proper light. These plants manage well at room temperature and will survive if you do not remember to fertilise them regularly. Additionally, they do well in the south and east-facing windows. Spider plant and barrel head cactuses also produce a lot of smaller “babies” that you can cut and root. These can be a great gift idea, or you can swap with your friends. Plant-care is a great hobby and stress reliever that is recommended to anybody.

Text and pictures by Marian