The school year

Features, Kouvola

Our school year started hopeful and a lot of us were expecting to get to campus. We started out online and it showed that it wasn’t ideal for anyone. A little time passed, and we did get to go to campus for about two weeks. Unfortunately, because we got our tour online it was really hard to navigate to the right classes. I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get an additional tour at some point in that time.  We used a lot of the time the same classrooms, so it got easy to know where to go after a couple of days.

I also wished when we got to campus, we would’ve had more introduction to each other. I feel like we all could’ve gotten a little better connection as a class if we had something like that. Unfortunate Covid got worse and we had to go back to distance learning. Some of the courses were really good and I feel like we got most of them even though we were online. Some of the courses have been hard and I feel like I haven’t gotten what I need from those courses, but I will be happy if I pass!

I have high hopes for next year. I really do hope we get back to campus to get some structure to our studies. I have to say it has been easy to be at home, because then I can just close my laptop and go do something else for change. But I do like to be in class to learn something, and get that balance of being at school and at home. So hopefully Covid has gone away or at least it would be somewhat gone.

This year has truly gone by fast! I can’t believe my first year is almost over. I hope next years will be as smoothly going  as this one and that we all are healthy! I hope to see you next year on campus!