Best morning starts with eggs


Eating eggs for breakfast is an old tradition coming from ancient civilizations. In our days eggs are excellent option for everyday morning, because they are tasty and  provide you power for hours ahead. The main point of eating eggs is that they consist of many important elements, like high-quality protein, vitamin B and D, natural fat, selenium and zinc.

Unfortunately, many people think that putting eggs into everyday diet is bad, because of containing a lot of cholesterol.This myth came after the statement from the National Healthcare Institute of USA in 1985 (they said that eating more than 2 eggs per week will reflect badly on health), but several years ago the research came out where it was stated that it is totally safe to eat a couple of eggs on the regular basis.

My favorite type of cooking eggs is poached egg. Now I am going to open all my secrets about this dish and give an example of serving.

Well-cooked poached egg is an excellent addition for the great variety of dishes: salads, toasts, bowls and many other options. The most important component of poached egg is yolk: it should be a little bit raw and slowly flowing out after snicking. Here is a small instruction «How to make good poached egg»:

Firstly, take a small pan and fill it with water. Then leave it on the cooker and wait until the water will start boiling. After that stir in hot water 1 big spoon of apple vinegar and a pinch of salt. Make a funnel with corolla or fork and drop the fresh egg out in the middle of the funnel. If you want a perfect poached egg, set the timer for three and a half minutes. When the time will be expired, take it out with a big spoon and left on a piece of paper (to runoff all extra water).

Egg is ready, next step is toast! I will highly recommend to make an avocado toast because this breakfast is balanced and tasty. Here are the ingredients of my favorite toast: fresh and already toasted bread, cottage goat cheese, rucola, smashed avocado, 2 poached eggs, salmon and a little bit of pepper.

Have a nice day and try to start your next free morning with this delicious recipe!