Blue Matcha Tea

Features, Food, Recipe

What it is?

 Everyone knows green matcha tea, but there is also a blue one. This kind of matcha is not made from tea tree leaves, but from the petals of a Thai flower, Butterfly Pea Tea. This drink also contains caffeine and antioxidant, but it works differently from green matcha: it has a mild and prolonged effect, does not cause drowsiness after the feeling of alertness.

Good for Health

One of the great things about that blue drink is that it reduces appetite. A thick matcha latte in the morning with a thick foam of regular or plant-based milk will keep you full until lunchtime. In some countries, the plant is used as an antidepressant since it has a relaxing effect along with its stimulating effect. It is also believed that a drink from this flower improves blood circulation in the brain and improves memory, relieves anxiety, and helps fight stress, insomnia. This blue drink also lowers blood cholesterol levels and fights inflammation and germs well.

How to cook?

I will share with you a recipe that I use very often.


1) 80ml Water

2) 150 ml Milk (any kind)

3) 1 tsp Powder of Blue Matches

4) Sugar, Honey or Cinnamon


1) You need to heat the water without bringing it to a boil (somewhere 80-90 degrees)

2) Add powder to a cup and then add water there.

3) Using a whisk, beat the water and powder until this mass is completely dissolved.

4) Boil milk. While it is hot, use an electric whisk to beat it until it is foamy.

5) Carefully add milk to the whipped powder, mix until evenly.

6) If desired, you can add sugar or honey to it or a pinch of cinnamon