Catholic and Orthodox Easter 2022


Easter is considered to be the greatest feast in both the Orthodox and Catholic churches. The Holy Resurrection of Christ is celebrated joyfully and solemnly. The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated by Christians all over the world in the year 2022. Although it takes its name from the Jewish Passover (Pesach, which means “to pass, to pass by”), its meaning is quite different.

Followers of Judaism remember the Jews’ liberation from Egyptian slavery. For Christians, it is the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself to deliver mankind from death. This year the Catholic Easter will be celebrated on April 17, and the Orthodox on April 24. The date of the feast is different for the representatives of all Christian denominations. It is determined by church ministers according to a certain scheme, according to the lunar-solar calendar.

In the early years of Christianity, Jewish and Christian Passover were celebrated on the same day, but later Christians moved the celebration to a different date. Both Catholics and Orthodox observe Lent before Easter. Believers do not eat animal foods and limit their entertainment. Both branches of Christianity have a particularly strict and important Holy Week before the feast.

The Catholics are more lenient. It’s not as long and dairy products are allowed.

For both Catholics and Orthodox, Easter is a church and family celebration. After the liturgy, families gather in the church for a communal meal. On the holiday, the faithful remember the greatest miracle in Christian history. According to tradition, Jesus Christ died on the cross, descended into hell, broke the gates of hell and opened the doors to paradise for all the righteous, giving people the chance of eternal life. And then he rose again – on the third day after his death. According to Catholic tradition, on Easter morning, adults hide painted eggs at home and children have to find them. The Easter bunny is believed to bring them (the Orthodox have no such custom). Throughout Easter week, Catholics organize street performances of religious themes and organ music concerts are held in Catholic churches. Orthodox Christians usually bake kuliches – festive, cylindrical bread with decorations on top. They also paint eggs.