Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year at Xamk A Cultural Exchange

Events, Kouvola

The Chinese Lunar New Year celebration held on February 9th, 2024, at Kouvola Campus, was a resounding success, providing attendees with an immersive experience into Chinese culture and traditions. Hosted by Xamk, the event aimed to foster cultural exchange and deepen understanding between local and international students.

With the Chinese New Year festivities underway, the event welcomed Chinese students from Xamk to share insights into their culture and experiences of life in Chinese universities. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with these students, gaining valuable knowledge about Chinese customs, traditions, and the significance of the Lunar New Year.

The event served as a platform to ignite interest among students considering exchange studies in China, offering them a glimpse into what awaits them in this culturally rich country. Additionally, for teachers preparing for projects in China, the event provided a valuable opportunity for cultural immersion and preparation.

The festivities didn’t stop at informative discussions; attendees were treated to a range of activities and entertainment. From traditional Chinese card games to a fun quiz testing knowledge of Chinese culture, there was something for everyone. Prizes were awarded to winners, adding an element of friendly competition to the event.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the sampling of Chinese snacks, allowing attendees to savor the flavors of China firsthand. These culinary delights added to the authentic experience, further immersing participants in the richness of Chinese culture.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to cultural videos showcasing various aspects of Chinese life, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the country’s heritage.

Overall, the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration at Kouvola Campus was a memorable and enriching experience for all involved. It succeeded in its mission to promote cultural exchange, deepen understanding, and foster connections between students from different backgrounds. As attendees departed with newfound knowledge and appreciation for Chinese culture, the event left a lasting impact on the Xamk community.