Christmas playlist


Christmas songs are a crucial part of Christmas time in my opinion, so I was happy to make our readers a playlist.

I have songs for you to listen to before Christmas to get into the Christmas mood! I’m going to talk about the top 6 for this season that you could sing along to!

The first song is a jolly song to get a happy mood and a little dancing going on!

The second one gets a little worn around Christmas time, but I think it’s still an essential song to listen to. It’s ofc “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”!

What does Christmas mean to you? 98 degrees is going make you think about it!

Kelly Clarkson’s lovely love song about a special someone always gets me excited and feeling warm. One of my favorites ever. The song is about that special someone being underneath the tree.

Merry Christmas Everyone by Vistas is a groovy song to get some blood pumping through your veins! Grab a friend or a family member to get some dancing going!

Candy Cane Lane by Sia says that Christmas is waiting for you! Did you know that this song is a love letter to the Phil Spector?

How many of these songs did you know? I hope you got new Christmas songs from the playlist I linked for you! Happy Christmas season I hope you can spend it with people you love!