The Disaster Artist. Review


What’s new in the cinemas this week? A crazy movie about a strange artist! Let’s see how can it surprise us…


The story of Tommy Wiseau, a real exsisting person, director and actor, takes us back to the end of the last century. A young and talented actor played by Dave Franko meets a bit insane artist played by James Frank and goes on an unexpected adventure with him. They build a friendship where Greg (Dave’s character) ultimately supports all absurd ideas and decisions of Tommy. In some years Wiseau writes a script for his movie which, he believes, will bring him money and fame. However, all the crew is worried about the success of the picture and they behave quite sceptically. Moreover, Tommy himself turns out to be a horrible actor. And then… spoilers!


The movie is based on a true story which gives all the actions some sense, and sense is definitely a thing you need when watching The Disaster Artist! Observing the creation of ‘The Room’ is a strange thing but once you’ve seen it, you cannot get rid of the desire to watch the movie itself. It’s so bad so it makes it amazing! What a paradox.


Franko brothers are doing their best in the movie. Surprisingly, James got the nominations for all the biggest movie awards except the Oscar, which makes a totally unique case in the cinema industry. And even this fact is not bothering you while enjoying him play Tommy Wiseau. Well done, James!