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Vol. 25, Issue 21, 31 March 2023

Diving is amateur scuba diving. It should not be confused with diving, since a diver is primarily a professional who has undergone special training, trained to dive to great depths and carry out special work there. Divers are just enthusiastic people diving with scuba gear to a depth of 40 meters to look at and shoot underwater beauties. They are engaged in scuba diving solely for the sake of pleasure. In addition, diving should also be distinguished from scuba diving. Scuba fishing is no longer hunting and not a sport but poaching.

Diving is not only a marine hobby. Many people find it not as interesting as exploring the depths of the sea with their underwater world. Therefore, most of the “submariners” surf the seas and oceans: Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, and Seychelles. While diving, you can thoroughly explore the seabed, admire the underwater flora and fauna, and investigate caves. It is especially interesting to dive into places where there are ancient sunken ships, the remains of ancient cities, and artifacts of past civilizations. In general, diving opens amazing opportunities for a person not only to explore the underwater world but also to learn how to interact with it. Diving can be understood as entertainment, an active pastime, as one a sport, and even as an occupation for people of certain professions. Depending on what the purpose of diving is, divers can be amateurs, military or commercial divers, or scientific specialists.

For example, military divers dive underwater to raise the sunken remains of ships and perform repair and construction work of military underwater facilities and vessels. Divers-researchers are engaged in studying the seas and oceans. Those who dive for commercial purposes, for example, can extract pearls, catch exotic fish, and search for underwater treasures. Well, ordinary diving enthusiasts just enjoy this activity, and get acquainted with a completely different world – the world underwater, where their own rules and laws apply.

Of course, such trips and dives are not cheap. And not everyone will risk swimming on the ocean floor with scuba gear, extreme people are engaged in this business. Many of them are also fond of parachuting, downhill skiing, or windsurfing. These people are guided by the principle: life is not the days that we have lived, but the days that we have remembered, and therefore they do everything to make there more such days. Diving also poses a danger to human life – uncontrolled ascent can lead to decompression sickness, and uncontrolled descent can take a diver to a depth where equipment and breathing gas are not suitable, and can cause debilitating anesthesia, acute oxygen toxicity, barotrauma descent, rapid depletion of respiratory gas reserves, excessive breathing and inability to climb the surface. Not everyone can dive. Diving is contraindicated during pregnancy and some health problems, for example, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, before the trip, go to a therapist and make sure that everything is in order with your health. It is necessary to dive strictly together. Beginners dive ONLY with an instructor, and experienced divers — with a partner. Underwater, even an experienced diver can get lost, and then his partner will save him. For a beginner, an experienced instructor is nearby — a guarantee that everything will go well. The instructor must be obeyed implicitly. If he gave the command to pop up, you need to pop up. If he said not to swim there, you can’t swim. If he doesn’t let you touch “that beautiful fish over there”, you can’t touch it.

Believe me, you will have enough impressions anyway, and you can always repeat the dive. It is recommended to dive underwater no earlier than a day after landing. Also, you should not make a flight soon after a deep-sea dive, as this can provoke the development of caisson disease. You can use air transport services no earlier than 12 hours after diving.

Having experienced this immersion for myself, I can say with confidence that I will never forget these emotions. At first, my ears were very hard, the instructor then lowered me to the level, then raised me. But having completely sunk to the bottom, I was very proud of myself. Therefore, to every person who has read this article, I sincerely recommend repeating my experience.

Kseniia Parshina
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