Do not get distracted!

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In the age of technology and a great deal of information, people often cannot concentrate on their tasks, and in the future, they may even not achieve their set goals.

However, do not worry, it can be fixed!

Let’s figure out what concentration is?

You can find the following definition in the dictionary – “Concentration is the state of being concentrated, exclusive attention to one object”.

In simple words, when you give up doing other things in order to complete a specific task, and all your thoughts are engaged only with it.

What will help you?

Here are the basic rules for you:

1) Sort all your tasks into two groups, the first one will contain 1-4 of the most important for you, and the second one will contain all secondary ones, and you should exclude temporarily all tasks from the second list in order to complete the most necessary first. This will help you focus on the necessary things more effectively.

2) Multitasking is a myth, so you only need to be busy with one task.

3) Learn to organize your time. When making a daily plan, you should write down tasks, which require a long period of time, in the morning. This can be anything that requires “hard work”. In the evening, add short-term tasks to the remaining “vacant places” of the schedule.

 4) Prepare your workplace/space for performing tasks.

 Here’re what should be with you:

 – a favorable sound background (you can work with headphones), more often it is music, but it may well be a recording of the sea surf or rain noise.

 – a comfortable and clean workplace, so that nothing distracts from work anywhere.

 – comfortable clothing and shoes.

– things, which you need to do the task.

5) Be sure to take breaks between tasks, that will give your body relaxation. Also, walking in nature is very good at helping you reload your thoughts.

 6) The most importantly, it doesn’t matter how happy you will be if you achieve the result, if you don’t enjoy the process of completing the task, so speak or write down all your steps of goal completion to observe the progress, and reward yourself for small or big “victories”, as who if not you?

And at the end

Always remember these “rules of concentration”:

1)To concentrate on one thing, you will have to ignore everything else.

2)Concentration appears only when we say “yes” to one option and “no” to all the others.

3)An exception is a necessary condition for concentration.

I hope this article will help you to achieve your goals.

Good luck!

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