So, this will be thre last issue of Insider before Christmas and as usual, features some pretty interesting stories and articles from our editorial staff members. Long is off-duty this week so I’ll be taking his place.

An oven baked recipe from Marija will satisfy your hunger during these chilly brezzy nights of December, perfect for the upcoming Christmas. There’s one of the new faces in XAMK, introduced by Elizabeth, as usual.
Some interesting thoughts from Minh-Trang Le as a cat owner and from Leif on buying gifts will probbly pique your interest.

It has begun snowing for awhile now and nothing is better in this cold weather thangood food. Check out what Van-Trang Le has to say for those who wanna find somehot dish. Be warned though, it is not in Kouvola.
Polina with her enriched experience back from Czech will also share some of stories. That’s it before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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