This is my first editorial for this year 2019, and I am super excited about this. It already the end of January and I would just like to ask you this question, what have you achieved so far? You might say that it is too early to ask this question and you may even feel like telling me to chill for once Lizzy. It is so crazy to see that one month is already gone in this new year. Do you have any new year resolutions? You might even say resolutions are crap now but let me say it this way “What would you have done better in 2018 that you are willing to implement this new year? Think about it. You would want to graduate this year, increase your GPA, travel and alongside the study, exercise more, talk less, do more useful and helpful things, be helpful to your loved ones, encourage and support your friends, pursue a dream career, etc keep naming it. It is TIME to do IT. Remember, time waits for no one. Do not let Procrastination to be your friend this year.  

It is surely an amazing year for Insider, as we are growing in size. Indeed, it is very amazing to see new Xamk Kouvola Writers joining the team. A lot has been happening already at our Campus here in Kouvola. We had the Hobby Day at Xamk at Kouvola Campus. Discover Paivi who is very keen on Cosplay. Do you know what Cosplay is? Read Lena’s article about Cosplay and the different activities you may be interested in at Xamk and in Kouvola. Discover Tereza Lopatarova’s profile, an International Business student ax Xamk, Kouvola Campus. Discover her hilarious reason she has chosen Finland for studies. Also, I would love to congratulate Marija Marash, who is co-writing her Thesis with Swan Nguyen. I am very proud of you that you are done with this big step in your degree program. Discover Marija’s article as she exposes the ups and down of Co-writing her thesis. Try Trang’s Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe this winter and give us a feedback about this.  If you are in moving to your second year at Xamk, you have the change to go for an Erasmus exchange program. We know that choosing a country for your exchange program could be really hard. We would like to bring into the limelight “France”. Do you know that you can study at Université Polytechnique Hauts de France? You will get a chance to know 6 reasons you should choose France for Erasmus or Studies.